The “if it bleeds it leads” news. The news seems to be structured much like our entertainment. One might have a little more reality than the other, but not by much. I’d say don’t indulge it, certainly not constantly and approach it with a bit of healthy scepticism. If a friend is telling you something new – you kinda know how to evaluate it. If something new is being reported on the news, well – it’s not likely that you really get the whole picture.

Driving back from New York city to Toronto a few years back I was flabbergasted to hear the same item being reported from the New York point of view, and then from the Toronto point of view a few hours later. If I hadn’t been holding onto the steering wheel I would have fallen down. It was the same event but what I heard was a totally different story from a completely different point of view. Needless to say I no longer believe everything I hear.

On completing Teachers College in Toronto, some colleagues and I, thought it a great idea to go to the Star with our story of what needed changing in the teacher education system. I’m sorry we did. The story that came out was skewed in a direction we hadn’t at all expected, and wasn’t what we wanted to say.

Entertainment is in a similar position. I no longer watch TV, if I can help it. Whose truth is being told anyway? As a supply teacher I had an opportunity to hear the dream of a grade 5 boy. He told us that he dreamt he was crawling through a big tube, and at the other end he came out stupid, When I asked him how much TV he watched, he drew in his breath and his hand went to his mouth. He realized exactly what it meant: quit with the excessive TV, or you grow up stupid. And I would say that sounds about right. When TV first emerged it really was commonly known as “the boob tube” – which, I might add, had nothing to do with the female anatomy.

We laugh at cults where they have megaphones blaring out messages 24-7 to an adoring fan base, but are we much different? Like, for example, who really speaks for Coved? Mixed messages often. Now choose sides on limited information Take the Hydroxychloroquine scandal. Trump’s information was that it helps cure the virus. No, said the opposition, what does “Dr. Trump” know, they laughed, he doesn’t. Then there was a You Tube video with a reporter with a goodly chunk of studies and evidence who lambasted Tam and Trudeau for not looking at the real evidence, before dismissing the Hydroxychloroquine–zinc remedy out of hand. Well it turns out a small village in S.America is now Coved-free after using it as their main remedy. Go figure.

So stop with the constant consumption of media and stop putting so much weight on all the messages being put out. The slant that is put on the information is weighted on the side of the negative. No wonder people are getting fearful and depressed. Suicides are up, depression is up, and divorces are at an all-time high.

Why not start spending more time with ourselves, our own thoughts and instincts, our own families and friends, and nurture our own inner knowing.

Time to rethink our structures, one and all! -our patterns, our governments, our presumptions and certainly our “if it bleeds it leads” media.

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